How do I add my calendar to Mozilla Thunderbird?

This article will show you how to add your calendar to Mozilla Thunderbird

Like with applications such as Microsoft Outlook, you can sync you mailbox calendar with the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

This article will show you how to configure your mailbox’s calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird. Setting up your calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird is a difference process from setting up your mailbox. If you need to set up your mailbox with Thunderbird, you can find useful information in our support video guide.

Please note: This process involves the installation of a plug in to your Thunderbird application.

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Open Mozilla Thunderbird and click on the menu icon. Then select Add Ons from the menu.

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This will open the Add Ons manager. From here, you can search for and install various add ons to your Thunderbird application.

From the top, right hand side of the menu, search for Lightning in the search box.

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Lightning will be top of the list, click the Install button to begin the installation, or you can click the More link to find out more about the add on.


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The Add On will now download. Once downloaded you will have to restart Thunderbird. Click on the Restart Now link.

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Once restarted, you will have to create a calendar for your account. Select your account from the menu at the side, then select Create a new Calendar.

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This will open the calendar creation wizard. For the first option you must select On the Network.

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The next step is shows Thunderbird where to find you calendar. Select the CalDAV option and then enter you CalDAV URL. You can find your CalDAV URL simply by following our step by step guide.

When complete, click the Next button.

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You can customise your calendar by giving it a name and assigning a colour to it. Selecting a colour is important if you are planning on using multiple calendars. You can also chose whether you would like to allow reminders.

You can also choose to associate an email address to the calendar by using the drop down menu. Once complete, click next.

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Your calendar has now been created, click Finish to complete the process.