How do I change the view in the email module?

The below instructions will show you how you can change the way your email is displayed in 123 Reg webmail.

You can customise the way your email is displayed in your webmail client, so that it displays in a way that suits you and the way you work.

There are three main views for your email, as well as some settings that allow you to display certain information about your messages if you choose to.

The main views are Vertical, Horizontal and List. You can change which View you have selected by clicking on the View dropdown in the top right hand corner of your email window.


This is the standard view, and also comes in a ‘compact’ version which helps ensure maximum space is dedicated to your messages.


Horizontal moves your email list to the top of the window, allowing you to utilize the whole width of the page should you need to.


This removes the email preview pane, leaving only your email list. Double click each email to open it in a separate window.


You also have the ability to activate some additional options:

  • Folder View – This shows and hides the list of folders that appears on the left hand side of your email winsow.
  • Checkboxes – This adds Checkbox functionality to your email list, allowing you to select multiple items at once, useful for if you want to move multiple emails into a particular folder, for example.
  • Contact Pictures – If you have assigned pictures to your contacts, you can choose whether to display them in your inbox next to their email address.
  • Exact Dates – Choose whether you want to see exact dates of when each email was recieved, or you would rather they were labelled ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Today’ etc.
  • Message Size – See how buig each email you have received is, excellent if you have a smaller mail quota size that you don’t want to exceed.