How do I create an alias?

This article will show you how to create an alias for your mailbox.

An email alias is a secondary email address that redirects emails to your primary inbox, allowing you to send and receive emails without showing your original email address and without the need to create a separate email account.

With 123 Reg, you can create up to 50 email aliases for each mailbox. However, you can only create aliases using the same domain name as the original mailbox. For example, if your email address ends in ‘’, any new alias will also need to end in ‘’.

To create an alias address, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

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Start by accessing your Email Dashboard.

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From there, click Email Aliases within the toolbar.

Select Email Aliases

Step 3 of 7

If you have multiple domain names configured for your email, you will first need to choose your domain and click Select.

Select Alias Domain

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On the next page, select Add Alias.

Select Add Alias

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This will bring up a popup from which the user can select the email address.

Select User

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Next, you’ll need to enter the alias address into the field that appears. Once you’ve done this, click Save to create your alias.

Save Alias

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To edit or delete aliases, repeat steps 1-3 and then select the appropriate icon opposite your alias.

Edit or Delete Alias