How do I recover a deleted mailbox?

This article will show you how to restore a mailbox after it has been deleted.

You can recover your mailbox, along with any aliases associated with it, within 14 days of its deletion. We’ll hold on to the data linked with those mailboxes during that period.

Please note: you can only restore a mailbox to the same or higher plan, and to the same 123 Reg account it was deleted from.

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Start by accessing your Email dashboard.


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Next to Users, select Restore deleted users.

Click Restore Deleted Users


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This will take you to a page with a list of users you can restore. Click Restore next to the mailbox/user that you want to recover.

Select Restore


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A pop-up window will appear showing the details associated with the original mailbox. To restore the user, you’ll need to select or purchase a plan.

If you have quota available for the same plan your mailbox was originally on, or if you have quota available for a higher tier plan, you can select this via the Account type field. You can also set the renewal/expiration date for this mailbox via the provided field.

Select Account Type

If you don’t have any remaining plans, you’ll need to buy a new account by clicking Complete Purchase under Purchase Now.


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Turn on the Password toggle if you wish to restore the user with a temporary password. If, however, you want to create your own password, disable this feature and then enter a secure password into the field that appears.

Restore User


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Once you’ve done this, select Restore User. You’ll then receive a confirmation message, informing you that the user has been reinstated.

Please note: it can take up to 24 hours for your user to be restored. Once the user is ready to use, we’ll send a notification to the email address you have set up to receive account information.