How do I save an email message?

This will show you how to save an email as a draft or as a file on your computer.

Unless you delete them, your email will always be stored in your mailbox – however, sometimes you might want to save a copy of an email. There are two ways to save a copy of an email on our webmail client. As a draft (for when you are still writing the email) and to your computer (when you have sent or received an email and would like to keep a copy of it outside of your mailbox).

Save to my drafts

If you have a Generation 2 mailbox, click the three dots icon at the bottom of the window and then choose Save draft and close from the list of options.

Save email Save draft

If you have a Generation 1 mailbox, click Save at the bottom of the window.

If you want to return to your message, simply click the Drafts folder within your Inbox. This will reopen your message so that you can continue writing it.


Save to my computer

From your Webmail, select the email you want to save and then click the More Options icon (Generation 2 mailboxes only, represented by the three dots) or the Menu icon (Generation 1 mailboxes only, represented by 3 bars) in the toolbar. From there, choose Save as file from the provided drop-down menu.

Save email

Similarly, if you want to save multiple emails, select all the messages you want to save and follow the same process as above. You will also have confirmation of how many emails are selected on the right-hand side of the screen.