How do I use secure mail on my 123 Reg email account?

This answer explains how you can use secure mail features from 123 Reg.

When using standard mail services, the connection requires authentication but once connected, the data sent or received is not encrypted. By using secure mail servers over an SSL connection, such as IMAP and SMTP, the data is encrypted with the same secure certificate methods used by online shopping, or ecommerce, sites.

When connecting to secure mail over SSL, you will need to use the following ports:

  • IMAP: 993
  • SMTP: 465 (25 or 587 for SSL off)

By using our Webmail service, you will automatically be using secure mail.

If, however, you have set up your mailbox on a third-party client, you can update your settings to incorporate secure mail by reading the following article: Email Connectivity Issues