What are the limitations for my mailbox?

This article will list all the limitations that apply to our Generation 2 mailboxes.

Not sure how many forwarders you can set up or how many emails you can send from your mailbox each day? Check out our list below to find out more:

  • Email size: maximum of 30MB, including attachments.
  • Appointments and contacts attachments: maximum of 30MB.
  • of emails sent via SMTP (per mailbox): maximum of 500 messages per day.
  • of emails sent via Webmail (per mailbox): maximum of 1,500 messages per day.
  • of forwarding accounts: maximum of 50 forwarders, with a maximum of 10 recipients per forwarder.
  • of emails allowed (per mailbox): maximum of 700,000 messages.
  • of emails allowed (per folder): maximum of 200,000 messages.
  • of recipients per message: maximum of 100 addresses across the To, CC and BCC fields.