Change PHP upload limits for my Hosting account

By changing the upload limit, it means that any large files you try to upload won’t be rejected by the server. However, it may still get rejected due to slow upload speeds or from maxing out your account resources.

If you want to change the default PHP upload limit for your Hosting account (32MB), simply follow the instructions detailed below.

Please note: this process applies to our Web Hosting and Premium Hosting products.

Step 1 of 9

Start by logging in to your Control Panel and scroll down to ‘Web Hosting’. From there, select Manage.

General Control Panel


Step 2 of 9

On the next page, select Manage for the account you wish to use.

Web Hosting Manage


Step 3 of 9

Select the three-dot icon for the package you want to edit. From there, choose Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

cPanel Admin


Step 4 of 9

On your dashboard, select the cPanel Admin button that appears above Settings.



Step 5 of 9

Choose Select PHP Version under the Software heading on the Home page.



Step 6 of 9

You’ll be taken to the PHP Extensions page. Select Options in the header above.



Step 7 of 9

You’ll then be taken to the PHP Options page. From there, select the value that appears for upload_max_filesize and choose a new value from the menu.



Step 8 of 9

Next, select the value that appears for post_max_size and choose a new value from the menu.

Post Max Size


Step 9 of 9

These changes will be saved automatically, although you can restore them back to the default setting by selecting the option Reset to default that appears below each option.