Hosting Guide: Website Statistics

This article applies to 123 Reg Business and Unlimited Web Hosting packages only

Hits.....Visits.....Page views..... How confusing!

Here at 123 Reg we have created an easy to follow step by step guide on our website statistics feature. Whether you want to simply view the number of visits to your website or conduct in depth website analysis to identify areas in which you can improve your online offering, this guide will help you navigate your way around the website statistics feature.

Hosting Guide 123 Reg Website Statistics Guide.

What will this guide help me with?

This guide contains information on the following areas:

  • What are website statistics?
  • Website statistic terminology explained
  • How do I enable my website statistics?
  • How do I access my website statistics?
  • How to navigate around in website statistics?
  • Reports explained
  • Standard reports
  • What are custom reports?
  • What are filter sets?
  • How do I create filter set?
  • How do I create custom reports?
  • How do I view my custom reports?
  • What is data mining?
  • How do I use data mining?
  • How do I see a report for certain dates?
  • Errors messages
Hosting Guide 123 Reg Website Statistics Guide.