How do I access and view my staging site?

This article will show you how to access and edit your staging site.

Once you’ve set up a staging site, you can access and edit it at any time by following these simple instructions.

Please note: this service is only available with Managed WordPress packages purchased after May 2021.

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Start by accessing your Hosting dashboard.


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From there, select Settings in the toolbar.

Manage WordPress settings


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From here, you can view your staging site by selecting the window icon alongside Staging Site.

Open Staging Site


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Now that you’ve accessed your staging site, you can amend the content and design by selecting Edit Page within the top toolbar.

Edit page

Alternatively, you can edit the theme of your staging site by selecting Customise.

Customise theme


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If you wish to access the dashboard for your staging site instead (i.e. so that you can install and test certain themes or plugins), simply select Actions opposite Staging Site. From there, choose Edit Staging Site from the drop-down meu that appears.

Select Edit Staging Site


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This will take you to your staging site’s dashboard where you can make any necessary changes. Make sure that you regularly save any changes you make by selecting Publish or Update.

After making any changes, you can view your updated staging site by selecting View your site under the Next Steps heading.

View staging site