How do I access my Managed WordPress dashboard?

This article will show you how to access the dashboard for your Managed WordPress package.

Your dashboard provides a central location where you can easily manage your site’s plugins, themes, users and more. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to get started.

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel. Under the Manage Active Products section, select your Managed WordPress package from the drop-down menu and click Manage.

Select Manage


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On the next page, select Manage opposite the product name.

Choose Manage


Step 3 of 4

This will take you to an overview page of all your purchased Managed WordPress packages. Select the button for your plan and select WP Admin from the drop-down menu that appears.


Step 4 of 4

This will take you to your dashboard, where you can manage various aspects of your Managed WordPress plan by selecting the options within the left-hand menu. This includes: