How do I add FTP users to my Linux Hosting account?

By allowing other users to access your Linux Hosting account, they can upload files to your website and effectively manage it for you. You can even allocate a ‘quota’ of data that they can upload and limit which pages they can access.

To do so, you’ll need to add them as an additional FTP user. You can have up to 50 FTP accounts with our Starter and Standard packages, and an unlimited amount with our Pro and Ultimate plans.

Simply follow these instructions:

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Start by logging in to your Control Panel and scroll down to ‘Web Hosting’. From there, select ‘Manage’.

Manage Web Hosting

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On the next page, select ‘Manage’ for the account you wish to use.

Web Hosting Manage

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Select the three-dot icon for the package you want to edit. From there, choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

cPanel Admin

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Select the FTP Manager tab from your account dashboard.

FTP Manager

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On the FTP Accounts page, fill in the following fields to set up your FTP user:

  • Log in: the first part of their username
  • Password: their unique password
  • Directory: which pages or directory that this user can access. If you want them to have access to everything, just enter ‘/
  • Quota: the total amount of data that this user can upload (MB) – this includes existing files within your directory. If you don’t want to set a limit, select Unlimited.

Please note: for the username, the FTP user will need to include the ‘Log in’ that you’ve created as well as your account’s domain name. For example, if you entered ‘access1’ for the ‘Log in’ and your domain name is ‘’, the full username for that FTP user will be ‘’

Set Up

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Once done, click Create FTP Account to complete the process.

Repeat these steps if you’d like to add more users.