How do I view/change my SFTP/SSH password?

This article will show you how to view and change your SFTP/SSH password that was automatically created when your Managed WordPress plan was set up.

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


Step 2 of 8

Under the Manage Active Products section, select Manage opposite Managed WordPress.

If you have more than one package, be sure to choose your desired package from the provided drop-down menu first.

Click Manage


Step 3 of 8

On the next page, select Manage opposite the product name.

Select Manage


Step 4 of 8

This will take you to your hosting dashboard, which features a different interface and URL to our main site. From here, click Settings in the toolbar.

Choose Settings


Step 5 of 8

On the Settings page, click View opposite SFTP details within the Production Site section.

View SFTP details


Step 6 of 8

A pop-up window will now appear showing your SFTP details. To view your password, click the eyeball icon that appears alongside Copy.

Should you wish to change it instead, click Change Password.

Click Change Password


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This will open a new field where you can enter your new password. Alternatively, you can click Generate to create a completely random password instead.

Enter new password


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Once you’ve entered this new password, click Change Password to save it.

Save new password