How do I change the ASP.NET version on my new Windows Shared Hosting package?

This FAQ will help you change the ASP.NET version for your website.

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Login to your 123 Reg control panel and within the “Manage Active Products” section, click the green manage button next to the Shared Web Hosting product.

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You will see an overview of your hosting package. Click on the Manage button in the top right of the window.

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Click on ‘Web Hosting with Plesk’.

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Then click on the Plesk Admin button.

Step 5 of 7

In the Plesk control panel click on ASP.NET Settings for the domain you wish to change the configuration for.

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On the ASP.NET Configuration page click on Change Version.

Step 7 of 7

Select the ASP.NET version you wish to set for your website and click on Apply.