How do I create a Favicon for my 123 Reg site?

This article will help you to add a favicon to your website

A favicon is a site specific favourites / bookmark icon created by a site owner that will be saved on a visitors own bookmark / favourites list, if they choose to add the site to their bookmarks / favourites. It is a chance to familiarise your visitors with your brand even when they are away from your site. Favicons also appear in the tabs of most popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and look similar to this:



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Create an image that is 16 pixels x 16 pixels in size using graphics editor software tool like Adobe Photoshop or Paint. Ideally, you should use as few colours as possible.


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Save the image as an ICO file under the filename of favicon.ico


Step 3 of 4

Upload your favicon file to your webspace by using an FTP client.

Place the file in your root directory, which will be the same one that contains your website index (aka your homepage).


Step 4 of 4

After a few moments, your favicon will be showing alongside your website.