How do I enable SSH for my Linux Hosting account?

By enabling SSH for your Linux Hosting account, you’ll have a secure way of remotely accessing it and executing commands.

To enable it, simply follow these instructions:

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Start by logging in to your Control Panel and scroll down to ‘Web Hosting’. From there, select ‘Manage’.

Manage Web Hosting

Step 2 of 6

On the next page, select ‘Manage’ for the account you wish to use.

Web Hosting Manage

Step 3 of 6

Select the three-dot icon for the package you want to edit. From there, choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

cPanel Admin

Step 4 of 6

Select ‘Server’ under Settings in your account dashboard.


Step 5 of 6

Select the Manage option that appears alongside SSH access.

SSH Manage

Step 6 of 6

Click the SSH access switch to turn it on, whereupon it will display your SSH details.

You may use these details to access your Linux Hosting account via SSH. Click the X in the top-right corner to return to your dashboard.

SSH Details