How do I enable SSH for WordPress?

This article will detail how you can enable SSH for your WordPress account.

SSH is an effective way of connecting to your hosting account so that you can upload or move files and more. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to get started.

Please note: this service is only available with Managed WordPress Standard, Pro and Ultimate plans purchased after May 2021.

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Start by accessing your Hosting dashboard.


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From there, select Settings in the toolbar.

Manage WordPress settings


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Within the Production Site section, select Show more and then click the switch opposite SSH so that it becomes Enabled.

Enable SSH


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From there, you can view your SSH details by selecting View opposite SFTP/SSH details.

View SSH details


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Keep a note of your Hostname, Username and Password as you’ll need these details for third-party applications such as FileZilla or phpMyAdmin.

Copy SSH details