How do I install Open Web Analytics?

Open Web Analytics can be installed through your hosting control panel by following the instructions below.

This article will explain how you can install Open Web Analytics to your Hosting package. Open Web Analytics is an open source framework used to add web analytic features to websites and applications. Open Web comes with built in support for web apps such as WordPress and MediaWiki, but can also be extended to track and analyse any web application.

Please note: this tool is not available on any Web Hosting plans purchased after July 2020 or Premium Hosting plans purchased after August 2020.

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Scroll down to the Web Stats and Logs section and click the Open Web Analytics button.

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You will have to install Open Web Analytics to your Hosting package. You can specify the installation directory, but you must ensure that the directory you are installing to is empty. Enter your chosen directory into the text box at the end of the domain path.

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To complete the install, click the Install Now button. It may take a few minutes to install to your hosting account.

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To use the app, you will have to visit the page you installed the app to. For example, here, we have installed it to the directory:, so, to access Open Web Analytics we would go to

Click on Let’s Get Started and follow the steps to setup your Open Web Analytics account.