How do I install Tracewatch?

This FAQ will help you to set up Tracewatch on your hosting package

Tracewatch gives you Real Time Web Stats and Traffic Analysis which gives you real time information on your website's visitors, with added analysis that can help you make your site more effective.

This article will explain how you can install Tracewatch to your hosting package.

Plese note: Installing this CGI Script will use one of your MySQL Databases.

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Scroll down to the Web Stats and Logs section and click the Tracewatch button.

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You will have to install Hits Counter and Logger to your Hosting package. You can specify the installation directory, but you must ensure that the directory you are installing to is empty. Enter your chosen directory into the text box at the end of the domain path.

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To complete the install, click the Install Now button. It may take a few minutes to install to your hosting account.

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To use the app, you will have to visit the page you installed the app to. For example, here, we have installed it to the directory:, so, to access the Hits Counter and Logger we would go to

Click on the Continue with install button and follow the steps on screen to complete the installation.