How do I move a web application to my Linux Hosting account?

This article will show you how to move web applications into your Linux Web Hosting account.

If you want to import one of your apps and all of its existing data into your website, you can do this by following the steps outlined below.

Before getting started, you will need your FTP login details. If you’re not sure where to find them, please read the following article: How can I find my FTP username and password?

Please note: this process only applies to Web Hosting plans purchased after July 2020 and Premium Hosting plans purchased after August 2020 (cPanel).

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Start by accessing your Web Hosting dashboard.

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From there, select cPanel Admin.

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Next, open the application you want to move below the title ‘My Applications’ within the Applications section.

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You will now be taken to the overview page for that app. From here, click the three-bar icon that appears next to + install this application and then choose Import existing install from the list of options.

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On the next page, click Continue below the title ‘From different account’.

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You will now need to enter a few details into the provided fields:

  1. URL: your website’s current domain name.
  2. Protocol: select
  3. Server (IP Address or Hostname): your previous host’s IP address.
  4. Port: enter 21.
  5. Username: your previous host’s FTP username.
  6. Password: your previous host’s FTP password.
  7. Path: your website’s path from the root directory. This may autofill depending on the app that you’re importing.
  8. Domain: choose a domain or subdomain from your Web Hosting account.
  9. Directory (optional): the specific path that you want for your website. You can leave this field blank if you’re using a simple URL like
  10. Database Management: select Automatically create a new database for the installed application.
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Once you’ve done this, click Import.