How do I navigate the Hosting file manager?

The file manager allows you to post files and folders to your hosting package to publish online.

This article will explain how to find and navigate around the Hosting package File Manager. The file manager is used to manage and organize the files you upload to your hosting package.

To access the File Manager:

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Login to your 123 Reg control panel.

Step 2 of 3

Scroll down to the Web Hosting section and click the Manage button.


Step 3 of 3

Scroll down to the Files section and click the File Manager button.

The File Manager displays your files based upon the folder structure they are in. The folder structure is collapsible, allowing you to organize your files and folders exactly how you want to. There are is also a toolbar at the top of the page which controls all of the actions you can carry out within the file manager.

If you prefer, use the drop down menu next to the toolbar to change the display from just icons:

…to icons and text:

Some of the most useful icons to note are:

  • Home – This takes you back to the top of your file path.
  • Go Back – This takes you back a step within your file path.
  • Go Forward – This takes you forward a shot within your file path.
  • Select All – This selects all the files in the current window.
  • Select None – This deselects all files.