How do I remove my site from WordPress?

This article will show you how to delete your WordPress site.

Should you wish to remove your WordPress site and start over again, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

Please note: this service is only available with Managed WordPress plans purchased after May 2021.

Step 1 of 5

Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel. Under the Manage Active Products section, select your Managed WordPress package from the drop-down menu and click Manage.

Select Manage


Step 2 of 5

On the next page, select Manage opposite the product name.

Choose Manage


Step 3 of 5

This will take you to an overview page of all your purchased Managed WordPress packages. Select the button for your plan and select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

Select Settings


Step 4 of 5

From here, select Actions opposite Production Site, then choose Remove Site from the menu that appears.

Select Remove Site

If you’ve set up a staging site, you can perform a similar action by selecting Actions opposite Staging Site and then choosing Remove staging site from the menu that appears.

Select Remove Staging Site


Step 5 of 5

A pop-up window will now appear. Simply enter ‘Remove’ and then select Remove to confirm your choice

Enter Remove