How do I restore a backup to my hosting package?

Restoring a backup will allow you to revert to a previos version of your hosting package. This can be useful to recover deleted files, or similar.

This article will explain how to upload a backup of your website through your 123 Reg Hosting package.

You will need to have a backup of your website saved to your computer in a zipped folder. Check out this article to see how to create a backup of your website.

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Login to your 123 Reg control panel.

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Scroll down to the Web Hosting section and click the Manage button.


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Scroll down to the Files section and click the File Manager button.

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To restore you back up, upload the file to your site using the upload tool.

Or you can upload via FTP, by uploading the file to your hope directory and enter the file name into the box provided.

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You must also select the type of restore you require: you can delete all of your current files and restore only the .zip file you have uploaded; you can recreate only the files that are missing; or you can uncompress your files into a temporary directory for later use. Make a your decision with the radio buttons, and then click Start Restore.