How do I restore my website using Daily Backups?

This article will show you how to restore your website through your hosting account.

Important: this process will overwrite your current domains, files, databases, etc on your hosting account with the content from your backup.

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Start by accessing your Web Hosting dashboard.

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From there, select Backups in the toolbar.

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Next, click View Backups.

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You will now see a complete list of your backups, based on when they were taken. Click the backup you want to restore from this list.

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You may need to log into your cPanel account. If you’re not sure where to find these details, please read the following article: How can I find my FTP username and password?

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Select the backup type, along with the items, that you want to restore by clicking the provided tickbox(es).

This includes domains, files, databases, mailboxes and mail forwarders, all of which will be overwritten by your backup data. You can also exclude any subdomains or addon domains from your restoration.

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Once you’ve done this, click Recover.

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After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation message, informing you that your data has been restored.