How do I set up an email filter?

This article will show you how to set up an email filter on your hosting package.

If you want to block any incoming emails from a specific contact or deliver any messages that feature a certain phrase to one of your folders, you can set up an email filter to streamline this process. To do this, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

Please note: the following steps only apply to Web Hosting plans purchased after July 2020 and Premium Hosting plans purchased after August 2020 (cPanel)

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Start by accessing your Hosting dashboard.


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On your dashboard, select the cPanel Admin button that appears above Settings.

Select cPanel Admin


Step 3 of 6

Next, select Email Filters within the Email section.

Select Email Filter


Step 4 of 6

On the next page, select Manage Filters for the account to wish to set a filter for.

Select Manage Filters


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Next, select Create a New Filter.

Select Create New Filter


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Here you can set specific rules and corresponding actions for your filter. To add additional rules or actions, click the + icon that appears opposite these fields.

Once you’re happy with your setup, click Create to complete the process.

Create filter