How do I transfer my hosting to 123 Reg?

This article will explain how to move your web hosting from your current provider to 123 Reg

If you’ve decided to transfer your hosting setup to us, here are the steps you will need to take, along with relevant links to more in-depth articles outlining each step.

Step 1 of 10

Purchase a 123 Reg Web Hosting package.


Step 2 of 10

Create a backup of your website files and database with your current hosting provider.

Once you have your backups, place a ‘Site offline’ holding page on your current hosting package to ensure that your data remains consistent with the site you’ll upload to your 123 Reg hosting package.


Step 3 of 10

Install any relevant CMS applications to your 123 Reg hosting space if required. You can read our Apps page for a complete list of these apps or see the following links for the most popular options:


Step 4 of 10

Create a MySQL database on your 123 Reg web hosting package. If you’re not sure how to do this, read our article to find out more: How do I add a database on my hosting package?

Once done, make a note of the following details as you will need them in step 7:

  • Hostname
  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password



Step 5 of 10

Import your database backup using the following guide: Importing your MySQL database.


Step 6 of 10

Upload your files using FTP to your new 123 Reg hosting package. If you need to find your FTP details, follow the guide here.



Step 7 of 10

Once you have uploaded your files, use the file editor to change the database credentials for any files that will need to connect to your new 123 Reg database. If you need assistance, please consult this guide on using the file editor.


Step 8 of 10

Preview the website to make sure that everything has been imported correctly (only available on Linux).

If you’re not sure how to do this, read our article: How can I find the correct IP address/temporary URL for my new hosting account?


Step 9 of 10

If you would like to set up email with your domain (which must be registered with 123 Reg), check out the following article: How do I create a mailbox?


Step 10 of 10

If you’re happy with everything, you’ll need to update your DNS records and point the domain to your new 123 Reg hosting IP address.

If your domain is on your 123 Reg account, you can find out how to do this by reading the following article: How do I point my domain to 123 Reg hosting?

If your domain is not registered on your 123 Reg, then consult this article: How do I point my external domain to 123 Reg hosting?