How to get yourself online with 123 Reg

This guide will show you the basics of getting your business online

Think you need loads of time and technical know-how to take your brand online? Think again, as it couldn’t be easier to get started! All you need to do is perform the following actions:

Choose your unique domain name

A domain name, in the simplest terms, is the name or address of your website.

Without one, your web address would just be a series of numbers. Not only would this be hard for you to remember, but it would be near impossible for visitors to find your website.

The easiest way to find and purchase a web address is by using our domain name search tool, which will categorise all the domain extensions that are available based on your submission.

For example, if your website is about music reviews, you could search for:

If this is available, you can purchase it straight away.

If, however, your ideal domain has already been purchased, why not check out our range of alternative extensions, which will be displayed below.

Once you’ve settled on your domain name, it’s time to start building your online presence. So, let’s learn about the best options for getting your website online.


Decide on the best hosting option for your needs

Anyone with a website will need to have some form of web hosting to take it online.

With 123 Reg, you can choose from the following options:

  • Website Builder
    The easiest way to create and host your own website is by using our Website Builder tool, which comes with free hosting included as standard. Even if you have absolutely no technical skills, our drag-and-drop tools allow you to easily create a website. Simply choose from dozens of stunning templates, make any adjustments and then publish it to the web, all within the same package – you won’t need to worry about any coding or confusing jargon either!


  • Web Hosting
    If you’re looking for something that’s still easy to use but allows you to customise more advanced features, then our range of Web Hosting plans may be the best option for you. The different hosting packages that we provide include cPanel and WordPress, both of which are Content Management Systems (CMS).

    A Content Management System allows you to add and edit your content through an administration page. While this may sound rather technical, most CMS platforms include a design mode or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which allows you to make any adjustments without any coding or programming knowledge.


Set up a professional email address

Anyone can register a free email address like ‘’.

However, by securing a custom email address like ‘’ with our Email Hosting package, you’ll immediately show customers that you run a credible business. Best of all, you can easily integrate your personalised address into third-party email clients, including Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail

If you purchase our Website Builder tool, you’ll even get a free email address included as standard.

For further information on getting your business online, check out our Support Centre: