How to upload files using the File Manager on the new Windows Shared Hosting package?

This FAQ will help you to upload files on your Windows Shared Hosting package with Plesk.

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Log in to your 123 Reg control panel and within the “Manage Active Products” section, click the green manage button next to the Shared Web Hosting product.

Step 2 of 7

You will see an overview of your hosting package. Click on the Manage button in the top right of the window.


Step 3 of 7

Click on ‘Web Hosting with Plesk’.

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Then click on the Plesk Admin button.

Step 5 of 7

In the Plesk control panel click on the File Manager for the domain you wish to manage.

Step 6 of 7

Once in the File Manager, navigate to the folder where you wish to upload the files and click on the Upload button.

Step 7 of 7

Select the files you wish to upload to your hosting and click on Open.