I have a domain with another company can I use it with 123 Reg hosting?

This article explains how to use the Domain Mapping feature to map a domain name registered with another company (external domain) to a 123 Reg hosting package.

Alternatively, you can contact your domain registry and change your DNS settings there, by pointing them to your 123 Reg Hosting package.

If you’d rather map an external domain to your hosting, you will first need to add the domain to your domain management pool, please follow the below instructions.

Please note: if you purchased your hosting package after July 2020, please follow the steps for Add-on Domains as outlined in this article.

Any packages that were purchased after March 2015 but before July 2020 do not support this feature.

If purchased before 30.03.2015

Step 1 of 9

Login to your 123 Reg control panel.

Enter your login info

Step 2 of 9

Scroll down to the Web hosting section, and click on the Manage link for the type of hosting package you’d like to use.

manage your hosting

Step 3 of 9

Click on the Domain Mapping link for the hosting package you’d like to use.

Step 4 of 9

Select Click here to add an external domain link.


Step 5 of 9

Select the radio button for the option to ‘Point a domain registered elsewhere to 123 Reg’.


Step 6 of 9

Enter the external domain name in the box and click on the Check button.


Step 7 of 9

Select ‘Yes‘ to verify that you own the domain name.


Step 8 of 9

Click on the ‘Point domain to 123-reg’ button.


Step 9 of 9

Once the external domain has been added, you will receive the following success message.


Now that the external domain has been added to your domain management pool, you will be able to add mapping for this domain by following the steps outlined in the following support article: How do I map a domain name to my hosting?

If you experience any issues with this, please contact our support teams for further guidance.


DNS settings

Please update your DNS with your current domain provider to ensure your domain is pointing to your 123 Reg hosting. Please see below for the relevant IP address.


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Please Note: All Windows hosting packages purchased since 10/11/2014 will use the IP address

Please Note: * Some hosting packages have multiple IP addresses, see your hosting welcome email to confirm which IP to use.