What are the most common FTP problems?

This answer will list some of the connection problems you may have when using FTP.

The below video and step by step instructions will help you learn how to add a mailbox to your Apple Mail email client.

If you can not ftp to your webspace/website, then here are a few of the common problems.

Connection problems

“Username or password incorrect”

Check your username and password against those listed in your welcome email from 123 Reg hosting account, and correct any errors.

If you have changed your password, make sure you have updated it in your FTP client.

“Can’t open data connection”

Check your connection to the Internet, and that you are allowed to use port 21.

“Error 530” or “Not logged in”

Check all your connection settings.

Important: If you are cannot FTP using the domain name as the FTP Server please try using the IP address, your FTP server/hostname will change as follows:

For Linux packages:

For Windows packages:

Please note: You will need to upload your web site files to the following folder dependent on your package;

  • Linux package: public_html
  • Windows package: web/content