What is domain mapping & why would I use it?

This article explains what domain mapping is and why you might consider using with your 123 Reg hosting package.

Domain Mapping is a feature you can use to point multiple domains to your primary hosting account.

You can map domain names to any desired location within your hosting, for example you can map a domain to a blog folder so that the domain goes the the blog page.

When a domain is mapped to a hosting package, the hosted website will be visible by going to that domain name.


www.domain1.co.uk - 123 Reg hosting package

www.domain2.co.uk mapped to www.domain1.co.uk/website2

The uses for domain mapping

  • Using multiple domains to point to a single hosting account
  • Changing the domain name of an existing web site

Now that you know what domain mapping is and what you can use it for click the link below to find out how to setup domain mapping.

How do I map a domain name to my hosting?