What network settings should I use for Actinic catalog

This FAQ will help configure the Actinic Catalog

The below article will show you what to enter in the various fields required for configuring the Actinic Catalog.

To setup your Actinic Network settings in Actinic Catalog V8 go to Web | Network Setup then enter the following details:

Server Details

Catalog URLhttp://www.domainname/acatalog/
CGI-BIN URLhttp://www.domainname/cgi-bin/
Path from CGI to acatalog Directory../public_html/acatalog/

FTP Details

Server HostIP Address of hosting package
UsernameYour username as found in your welcome email
PasswordYour current control panel/ftp password

Please Note: Your hosting package IP address will be supplied in your welcome email when first purchased.

CGI Settings

Path to CGI-BIN/public_html/cgi-bin/
Path from CGI-BIN to acatalog Directory/public_html/acatalog/

Common Settings

CGI Script ID Number1
Ignore Passive Transfer ErrorsChecked
Use Enhanced FTPUnchecked
Use Relative CGI-BIN URLs in Catalog PagesUnchecked
Web Site URLYour full domain name including http://www.

Email Settings

SMTP Serverintmail
Username and Password requiredChecked
Username:A username for a mailbox you have created in your control panel
Password:The password for this mailbox