How do I use the InstantTraffic tool?

This answer will explain how to set up the InstantTraffic tool to enhance your search engine positioning.

Once you have logged into the InstantTraffic tool, you will need to set it up.

Edit details

The first things we recommend you set up are your details. These are made up of general information and your website information. To enter them, click on the Edit Details option.

General information

This is information about you, including your first and last name, contact mail address, and the URL that you will be submitting to search engines.

Website information

  • Site title: short and descriptive title. Be sure to use your most important keywords.
  • Category: please select the category which best describes your site.
  • Keywords: up to 25 keywords that best describe your site, separated with commas (,)
  • Site description: a brief description of your website. Be sure to include your most important keywords.

Once completed, click the Continue button.

Meta Tags Generator

To access the Meta Tags Generator, click the Click Here option.

If you have not created any meta tags yet, this will take the information you entered in the Edit Details section and format it so that you can drop this into the code of your website.

Submitting your website

Now that you have entered all your information and placed your meta tags, you will need to tell the InstantTraffic tool to submit your site to the search engines.

Click the Activate Account button.