Adding images to your email campaign template

Adding images to your email campaign

This article will show you how to add images to your email campaign.

Nobody wants to read a massive wall of text. Sending your customers a three page essay each week is a sure fire way to reduce engagement and have your subscribers switch off.

Breaking up your text with images is a great way to ensure that your emails are eye-catching and easy to read, making them more enjoyable for the customer to engage with. Follow the steps below to see how to add images to your campaigns.

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Click on the area of the campaign where you would like to insert your image. Some templates already have place holder images in place; we’ll remove them later.

Insert image

Step 2 of 7

This will open the element editor. Click on the Image icon to open the Image panel.

Image icon

Step 3 of 7

This will open your image manager. Here will be all of the images you have already uploaded. If you have the image you want to use here already you can use it now. Otherwise, click on the Upload Images button to add the image you need.

image manager

Step 4 of 7

Here you can upload up to 10 images at a time. Simply click the browse button for each row and then use the file navigator to find the image you wish to upload. Once you’ve selected all of the images you wish to upload, click the Upload button to complete the process.

upload images

Step 5 of 7

Once your upload is complete, you will see the following pop up. Click the Close button and return to editing your campaign.

close pop up

Step 6 of 7

Now your image has been uploaded, click the Insert button to add your image to your campaign.

insert image

Step 7 of 7

Your image will now be present in your campaign. If you haven’t done so already, you can now delete the placeholder image.

image present