Choosing a template for your email campaign

This article will explain how you can select a template to use when setting up your email campaign.

The below step by step instructions will guide you through choosing a template for your email campaign.

You have access to a whole host of templates that you can use as the basis for your emails. These will help you make an appealing, professional looking email to send to your subscribers; the nicer the email looks, the more likely it is that your subscribers will engage with it.

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From the Menu bar at the top of the page, select Create, and then click on Campaigns from the drop down menu.

Create a campaign

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Click on the Campaign Designer link.

Choose campaign designer

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This will take you to the ‘Select a template’ page. Here you’ll find all of the templates available for you to use. Our templates are designed to suit a wide range of styles and tastes, so you can click on Filter by layout, colour and theme from the right hand of the page to open the filter settings. You can also search for a specific template if you already know the one you want to use.

Select a template

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You can filter by layout type, colour and theme. The more popular templates are signified by a Star icon.

Filter templates

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You can hover over a template to open a preview version, to get a better look at the template. Click the ‘Use This Template’ button to continue.

Preview template

Tip: Making the right decision on a template will save you a lot of time and effort, so pick wisely. For example, picking one of the Responsive templates means that you campaign will display correctly across multiple devices, including Smart Phones. This will allow your subscribers to view your campaigns in the manner that's most convenient to them, making them more likely to read and engage.