Customising your email template

The below step-by-step instructions will demonstrate how you can customise your campaign template to format it into a layout you prefer.

Whether you want to include more space for images, or a side bar to break up the display and prevent your campaign displaying as a wall of text, the steps below will show you how to customise your email template.

Before you start customising, ask yourself; “Have I definitely picked the right template?” Selecting the right template to work from is half the battle when creating your ideal campaign. If you think your template is not the one for you, use the Change Template button at the top of the window.

change template

Once you have made sure you’ve selected the right template, you can begin customising your campaign:

Step 1 of 3

To change the background colour of your campaign, simply click on the colour button from the menu bar at the top of the page. This will open a colour picker window. Either use the tool to pick a colour or enter the Hex reference of the colour you wish to use.

change background

Step 2 of 3

You can change the position of various elements on your page by dragging and dropping them using your cursor.

positioning elements

Step 3 of 3

If you want to add more content to your campaign, you can do so by replicating the elements in your campaign template. This is done by selecting the element you wish to duplicate, then clicking the Copy button in the lower right hand corner of the element.

Or you can add in another text element by clicking the T icon next to the Copy icon. If you wish to delete an element, click on the Bin icon in the lower left hand corner of the element.

add content