How can I customise my registration confirmation email?

This article will show you to customise your sign up confirmation email.

Your Sign Up Confirmation email is the email that someone will receive when they fill out your sign up form. This email contains a link for the subscriber to click to confirm that they wish to sign up to receive your campaigns. Unless they click this link, they will not be signed up to your mailing list. Personalising this email means that instead of receiving a generic confirmation email, the subscriber can receive one customised by you.

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Click the Collect tab from the menu at the top of the page, then select Lists from the drop down menu.

collect tab

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For the list you wish to customise your opt in email for, click on the Options link.

options link

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From the Options panel, click on the Create Custom opt in email link.

create custom

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This is where you can customise your email. There are various fields to edit to make sure the email does exactly what you want it to do.

Email Subject – This is pretty self explanatory, this is what your subscriber will see as the subject of the email when it arrives in their inbox.

From Address – This is the email address your email will be sent from.

From name – Again, this is the name of the contact the email will be sent from.

Reply-to – Should your subscriber reply to the email you’ve sent, this is the email it will be sent to. If you wanted to discourage people from replying directly to this address, you could set it up as

HTML opt-in link text – Your HTML opt-in link is the most important item in your email. This is the link that your subscriber will use to confirm their registration to your service. The link text will customise the text of the link that you send them. For example, you could set this to read “Click Here”, so the customer will know where to click.

Email body (HTML) – This is the email body most of your subscribers will see, as most email clients render the HTML version unless specified otherwise. Advanced HTML users can use this section to design eye catching emails, but those without the necessary HTML skills can just input the text they want, and it will still display correctly.

Email body (text) – This is the plain text version of your email body, for those that do not want to receive a HTML version. This will work in the same way as the HTML version, but will not allow you to use any HTML, so just enter the text how you want it to display.

Please note: Using the Opt-In Link

Both the HTML and Text versions of your email body must contain the Opt-In Link. This is the link your customers will use to confirm their registration to your subscriber list. Without this link, they will not be added to your list and they will have no subscribers.

Simply add 'opt-in' to the email body for the link to appear.

In the HTML version, this will render as the text you specify, hyperlinked to allow the customer to click it. In the text version, this will display as a link.

You cannot complete your email without including the Opt-In Link.

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Send Preview to – Enter your email address here and click the preview button. This will send a preview of you email to the email address you specified.

Click the Save button to Save your changes.

save changes button