How can I tell which version of Search Engine Optimiser I’m using?

This article will help you to recognise which version of Search Engine Optimiser you’re running.

Following the release of our new Digital Marketing Suite, we are currently supporting two different versions of Search Engine Optimiser.


It’s important to know which one you’re using since each version features a different interface and may involve different steps when updating your settings. All packages purchased after May 2021 use our current version of Search Engine Optimiser, while those purchased before May 2021 use our older ‘Legacy’ version.


If you’re unsure of when you signed up, or need further clarification of the version you’re using, have a look at the screenshots below. If your package looks like the top image, then you are using the current version of Search Engine Optimiser. If you are using the Legacy version, then your interface will look like the bottom screenshot.

Current version – purchased after May 2021

Current version


Legacy version – purchased before May 2021

Legacy version