How do I activate Local Listing?

This article will help you to activate your Local Listing package.

The below step by step instructions will show you how to activate your package before you can begin assigning it to your business.

If purchased after May 2021

Please note: if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to Activate your Full Marketing Suite package. For details on how to do this, please read the following article: How do I activate and set up my Digital Marketing Suite package?

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


Step 2 of 9

From there, select Digital Marketing Suite within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then select Manage opposite Manage Digital Marketing Suite.

Manage Digital Marketing Suite


Step 3 of 9

This will take you to a page where you will see all your purchased Digital Marketing Suite packages. Click Launch to access your Full Marketing Suite package.

Select Launch


Step 4 of 9

This will take you to your dashboard. From here, select Local Marketing from the left-hand menu.

Select Local Marketing


Step 5 of 9

To begin with, you’ll need to enter a description about your business. Once done, click Next to continue.

Enter description


Step 6 of 9

On the next page, you’ll need to enter your business’ opening hours. Click Next to continue.

Enter opening times


Step 7 of 9

From there, you’ll need to upload your logo along with any relevant images. Click Next to continue.

Upload logo


Step 8 of 9

Connect your social media accounts to your profile by entering your business’ media handles. Click Next to continue.

Connect social media


Step 9 of 9

Review the information you’ve entered to make sure that it’s all correct. Once you’re happy with it, click Publish Your Business at the bottom of the page.

business summary


If purchased before May 2021

Step 1 of 5

Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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From there, select Local Listing within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then select Manage opposite Manage Local Listing.


Step 3 of 5

Find the package you would like to use, and then click the Activate button to get started.

Step 4 of 5

We’ll need some information from you to get started with your account. Enter a Friendly Name and then your Domain Name before clicking the Activate button.

What is a Friendly Name? A Freindly Name is a name you can give to a package or server that can help you differentiate it from other, similar packages.

So instead of having three packages named Package_001, Package_002 and Package_003, you can give them specific, notable names that will allow you to tell which package is which at a glance.

Step 5 of 5

Your package will now be active and available to use. You can click the Login button to go straight to the package, or click the Manage button to change settings related to your package, such as your billing settings.

Please note: The next step you will want to take is setting up your Listing. Follow our easy to use set up wizard to get started.