How do I analyse my email campaign?

This FAQ will help you learn how to analyse your email campaigns.


analyse page

The Analyse page will show you an overview of your scheduled campaigns, and you’re campaign results. You will see a couple of average stats reflecting your total campaigns performance, as well as an overview of each campaign’s performance. You can also click on each individual sent campaign to open up a more detailed report on each campaign.

Campaign Results

campaign overview

The first section of the results page will show you some of the key statistics of your campaign:

  • Sent – This shows the number campaigns that were sent to out during the campaign; which is split into the percentage of delivered  and bounced attempts.
  • Opened – This shows the number of opened email campaigns, shown with a percentage as well as the total number. This also shows the number of web views; which is the number of people who viewed your campaign in a browser.
  • Clicked – This displays the amount of people that clicked on a link in your campaign. This is split into two figures, the total number of clicks, and the number of clicks to opens. The total number of clicks is obviously the number of clicks on a link in your email. The clicks to opens denotes the number of clicks only from people that opened your email, and is displayed as a percentage. For example, if you sent an email to 10 people, and only 5 opened the email and clicked a link, then the number of clicks would be 5, or 50%, but the clicks to opens would be 100%.
  • Goals – This is only applicable if you have eCommerce tracking enabled on your campaigns, and would show based on the amount of money your campaign generates.
  • Shared – This is split between the number of forwards and the number of social views. Forwards counts the number of times the email has been forwarded from your subscribers email to another user. This also shows the amount of social shares your campaigns have developed.
  • Unsub – This will display the number of unsubscribers your campaign has generated, and also the number of complaints you may have received.
  • campaign reports

Campaign Views

The next section shows your campaign views over time, over the course of the first 24 hours after the email has been sent. The graph shows all of the different methods that a customer might use to view your content, including social media and in browser views. You can use this data to identify patterns in your views, allowing you to release your campaigns at the optimum times to get the maximum amount of exposure for your campaigns.

data graph

Link Statistics

The link statistics section gives you a break down of the different links in your campaign, how often they’d been clicked, and even who clicked it. This will allow you to see which of your links is gaining the most traction, allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t; meaning that you can learn to optimise your campaigns to get the most engagement each time.

link statistics