How do I change my admin email?

This FAQ will help you to change the admin email address in Search Engine Optimiser

The below step by step instructions will help you learn how to update the admin email address in the Search Engine Optimiser package.

What is the Admin Email?

Your admin email address allows you to specify an email address to send our Optimisation reports to. This allows you to have the emails go to an address separate from the one associated with your 123 Reg account; or even to have the packages associated with different domain names send the emails directly to the person responsible for each site.

Changing your admin email

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Login to your 123 Reg Control Panel and scroll down to the Market your website section. Then click on the Search Engine Optimiser link. This will take you to your package management over view page.

Search Engine Optimiser Control panel link

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You will now see a list of your available packages, simply select the package you wish to change the Admin Email for, and click on the Manage button. For users with a large number of packages, you can use the drop down menu to find and select the package you wish to manage.

Manage package

If you have a lot of packages you can also select the package you wish to manage from the drop down menu at the top of the page, and then click the manage button.

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On the next screen you will see a list of options that you can change or configure to personalise the package to suit your needs. To change the Admin Email click on the Change button.

Update Admin Email

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This will open a text field where you can enter your new email address. Update the Admin Email as required and press the Confirm button to save your changes. Please ensure that you enter a valid email address, as this will be the account to which we send important scan results and details to.

Conform Admin Email change