How do I change my package type?

This FAQ will help you to change your Search Engine Optimiser package type

The below step by step instructions will help you learn how to change the package type of your Search Engine Optimiser service, allowing you to upgrade to scan more keywords and competitors.

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Login to your 123 Reg Control Panel and scroll down to the Market your website section. Then click on the Search Engine Optimiser link.

Search Engine Optimiser Control panel link

Step 2 of 4

You will now see a list of your available packages, simply select the one you wish to change the type for, and click on the Manage button. If you have a large number of packages, you may find it easier to use the drop down menu to select the package you wish to upgrade, and then click the manage button.

Manage package

Step 3 of 4

This will take you to the over view page for your package where you will see a list of options relating to your package. To change the package type click on the Upgrade button.

Upgrade option

Step 4 of 4

This will take you to the Search Engine Optimiser package over view. This will show you a side by side comparison of the different package levels, allowing you to decide which package level suits your needs best. Select which package you wish to upgrade to and press the Buy Now button. Then simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase.

Select upgrade package

In the package comparison you will see the different features each package has on offer. Some of the key differences between the package levels is how often the package scans you website, and the numbers of keywords and competitors each package has on offer. Each package level is designed to fit a different level of business, so it may be a good idea to assess your business and decide what your aim is, and chose the package that best suits your needs.