How do I manage my Keywords?

This FAQ will help you to manage your listed keywords

What are keywords? Keywords are the listed words and phrases that relate to your website; these are the kind of phrases that you expect that users will use in search engines to find your site. For example, if you are a plumber then your keywords could include: plumber, plumbing, taps, washing machines and dishwashers.

Please note: this article only applies to Search Engine Optimiser packages purchased before May 2021. For packages purchased after May 2021, please read the following article: How do I manage my Keywords within Digital Marketing Suite?

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Click on the Settings button in the top right hand corner of the Search Engine Optimiser, then select Manage Keywords from the drop down menu.

Manage your keywords

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This will take you to the Manage Keywords page, allowing you to add and remove your keywords.

You can add keywords in two ways; by searching for your own, or by adding the ones we suggest for you.

To add your own keywords, ensure you have the Find Your Keywords tab selected. Then search for your desired keywords in the box at the top of the page. You can search for multiple keywords, and we will return search results incorporating your keywords and combinations containing your keywords.

Find your keywords

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Then, from the list of Search Results, add your desired keywords by clicking the + symbol. The Volume stat shows how often a search term is used on Google; so in the below example, Linux was searched for 33,100 times last month.

Add keywords

Please note: You can see the number of keywords you have and the number of keywords you are allowed at the bottom of the Your Keywords list. You can not have more keywords than your package level will allow, however you can get more keywords by upgrading.

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You can also add our suggested keywords by selecting the Keywords we have found for you tab. Simply review the list of suggestions, and click on the + symbol to add the desired keyword. You will see that the suggested keywords have their volume rating, but also a position rating, which shows the current rank of a keyword on Google.

Add Suggested Keywords

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You can remove keywords from either the Find your keywords or the Keywords we have found for you tabs. Each tab has a Your Keywords section, from which you can remove keywords by clicking on the X button.

Remove your keywords