How do I send my campaigns?

This FAQ will help you to send a campaign with Email Marketing from 123 Reg.

If you’ve been organised, and have been promoting your forms, you will have lots of subscribers neatly arranged into lists. Now your campaign has been designed, you should be ready to send it out. The next step is identifying which of your subscribers you want to receive it, and then sending it out.

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From the Menu bar at the top of the page, select Send, and then choose the Send Campaign option.

send campaign page

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Initially you can will need to choose a list to send your campaign to, but if you wanted to send your campaign to more than one list, you can. Click on the Create a list group link. This will allow you to group multiple lists together, so you can send all at once.

create a list

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You can now create your list group. Give it a name, and then use the folders and lists to select the lists you wish to group. You can use your Control button to to select multiple lists; simply hold down the button and click on the lists you wish to use.

Click the Save Search button to confirm your list grouping.

name your list

Step 4 of 8

You will see your new list group under the Choose Lists option. You can now either choose that group, one list, or all lists. Select the option you want to use by clicking on the radio button for your chosen option.

choose lists

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You can now refine your chosen lists by audience type. This allows you to segment specific subscribers from your lists. You can learn more about Audience Segmentation here.

Select an Audience Segment from the drop down list, or create a new one.

select audience segment

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Next you will see a summary of all of the subscribers you are about to send to. You can click the filter link to go through each of your subscribers on the list and remove them manually if you want to.

view all subscribers

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One of the last steps is to pick the campaign you want to send out. Click on the Select Email button.

select email

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Here is where you can schedule and send your campaign. First, select the email you want to send from the drop down list at the top of the window. Then select the time and date you want to send it at – ensure you pick a date in the future, even if its just 5 minutes away.

Finally, you can choose to exclude subscribers that you have sent stuff to recently. Simply choose the date range from the drop down list.

You will now see a final summary; the number of emails to send, and the amount of credits it will cost you. If you don’t have enough, it will show you a warning, and you won’t be able to send the email.

If you do have enough credits, click on the Schedule for Delivery option, and your campaign will send at your specified time and date.

schedule for delivery