How will the Search Engine Optimiser help me improve my site?

This FAQ will help you to set up your Search Engine Optimiser package

The step-by-step instructions outlined below will help you learn how to assign your domain name to your Search Engine Optimiser so that you can learn how to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Please note: this article only applies to Search Engine Optimiser packages purchased before May 2021. For packages purchased after May 2021, please read the following article: How do I activate and set up my Digital Marketing Suite package?


The Start section is your general overview; it shows your current 123SEO score as a percentage, which you can track across various time frames to track your progress. This section also shows a high level overview of some of the other sections, so that you can easily keep tabs on your site just from this one panel. Underneath this section you will also see a list of tasks under the Your priorities for today header. These are tasks you can do to help improve your overall score.

Website review start page

Review your site

The Review your Site section inspects your website’s technical performance by analysing your pages for speed and links. This will show how quickly your site can load and whether your visitor can navigate through your links. This will obviously affect fast and easy it is for your customer to use your website; but will also affect how long, and how effectively, search engines such as Google take to index your site. Correct links will also affect how ‘trusted’ your site is by search engines. The more trusted your site is, the better it will rank with search engines.

Review site

Underneath the options list, you will also see a list of tasks that will help you improve this area of your site. These can range from simple jobs such as fixing your links within your site, to restructuring and optimising your code so that your web pages load quickly and efficiently.

Optimising for search

This section is broken into two section; one with a list of pages to optimise and one with a list of pages that have been optimised. You can add pages from your website to the list to be optimised, by simply clicking on the Add a new page to optimise button from the Pages to optimise tab, then you can simply add the pages you want to optimise by typing in the URL or the page title and then selecting the page from the list available.

Optimise for search

This section is important for helping your customers get to your website, as it helps them to understand exactly what they are getting from your page as soon possible. If your potential visitors are able to see exactly what your site is about, thanks to clear titles and descriptions, then they are more likely to find your site and click on your link.

Check your content

This section checks the content levels of your site, as well as how frequently you up date your content. Fresh and original content is one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine optimisation, and the drive new visitors to your site. It is important that your content is original as search engines such as Google will penalise content that has been duplicated from other sources.

Create new and original content

Again, at the bottom of the section, you will see a list of tips and tricks to help improve your content, for example, adding a contact page to your site.

Adopt mobile

Having a mobile optimised site will also help to improve your search engine optimisation as well as improve your customer’s experience when using your website; especially when taking into consideration the fact that mobile browsing numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

Get a mobile site

Increase Popularity

A great way of getting your website seen by search engines is by having backlinks to your website; a high number of backlinks will tell the search engines that your site is a trusted site, especially if the sites that the backlinks come from are also trusted. Back links occur when your site is linked to from other websites, so a higher number of trusted backlinks means a better search engine ranking.

Backlinks are best

Be Social

Social media is one of the biggest tools available for promoting your website and driving customers to your content. This section details your perfomance across across three of the biggest social networks available: FacebookTwitter, and Google+. Not only is is a great way to interact with your customers and visitors, but you can use it to directly promote your site.

Search Engine Optimiser monitors your mentions, likes, shares, and even +1s, showing how effective your campaigns are at getting your message out to the wider world.

Social media