Personalising your email campaign template

This article will show you how to personalise your email campaigns.

You can use the Campaign Designer to add a level of personalisation to your campaigns. This allows you to use some of the data you have collected about your subscribers to personalise your campaigns; for example, instead of saying “Dear Customer” you can say “Dear John” which helps builds a higher level of engagement between you and your subscribers, making them more likely to interact with your campaigns.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the data you wish to use for every subscriber you have, as you can set some placeholder text so that your campaign doesn’t have a gap in it.

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So you’ve written a quick introduction to your email, but instead of it reading “Dear customer!” you want the customer to see their name instead.

dear customer

Step 2 of 4

Get rid of the text you wish to replace, and then click on the Personalisation icon.

personalisation icon

Step 3 of 4

This opens the Personalised Text window. Select the personalisation you wish to use from the drop down list; in this case, it’s First Name. You can also specify an alternate text to display in case you don’t have the data to insert. So in this case, it would read ‘Customer’.

personalised text window

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You will now see a small amount of code within the text. When the email is sent, this is where the customer will see their name.

text code