Using the Search Engine Optimiser start up wizard

This FAQ will help you to set up your Search Engine Optimiser package

The below step by step instructions will guide you through the start-up wizard on your Search Engine Optimiser package.

Please note: this article only applies to Search Engine Optimiser packages purchased before May 2021. For packages purchased after May 2021, please read the following article: How do I activate and set up my Digital Marketing Suite package?

The wizard will start automatically the first time that you log in to your new package.

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From the management section of the Search Engine Optimiser click on the Login button to open your package.

Login to your package

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Firstly you will be asked some basic details about your business. Enter your brand name and target country.

Enter your name and country

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You must also select whether you are an Exclusively Local business. If you are, then you can add your location, so enter your base city or town. Once complete click the Next button.

Are you a local business?

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Next we’ll need you to specify an email address to which we will send tasks to help you optimise your website. Simply enter the email address of your webmaster, or whoever is responsible for updating your site, into the box provided.

Who manages your website?

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You can now add your competitors sites. These are the sites that your site will be compared against when we scan your website. Enter in the full URL of the sites you wish to be compared to, and then click the Next button.

List your competitors

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Now you can add some Keywords to your site; these keywords ought to be the kind of search terms that a customer would use to find your site; for example, a local restaurant could add takeaway, restaurant, takeaway near slough, Chinese food, Chinese restaurant. You can use keywords and phrases up to 3 or 4 words.

Enter your keywords into the text field at the top of the panel, with each entry separated by commas, and then click on the Search button.

Search for keywords

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We will generate a list of Keywords based on the search terms you used. Select the keywords you wish to use and then click the Save and Continue button.

We will have recommended some keywords for you to use; but you can also add the ones you want to use. The volume column will give you an identifier of how often the keyword is searched for on Google.

Select your keywords?

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You will now see a congratulations message. Click the Start Improving your Site button to enter your package.

Congratulations message

Please note: The selections made here will not be final; you can change your keywords and change your competitors, and even manage your website’s management settings within the Search Engine Optimiser package.