What are subscribers?

This article will give you information on subscribers and how you can use them.

Subscribers are people who opt-in to receive email communications from you. These users are crucial to any successful email marketing campaign because they have indicated they are interested in what you have to say by signing up to your mailing list.

You can send your subscribers emails to promote your products and services and encourage them to forward and share it with others. Segmentation of subscribers can be really useful if you want to create a more personalised experience for your readers. You can create sign up forms to gather extra information about your subscribers, allowing you to target and tailor your emails to suit their interests.

Adding a new email

There may be instances where people cannot be reached, due to things like invalid addresses. It’s a good idea to delete these users from your subscriber lists so you don’t waste valuable time sending emails that will never be delivered.

Did you know you can create a subscriber capture form? Find out how.