What are Suspended Subscribers and how do I manage them?

How do I manage my Email Marketing suspended subscribers?

This article will explain what a suspended subscriber is, how they appear and how you can manage them.

Suspended subscribers are caused when your campaigns do not send to a specific email address. This is something called a bounce. There are two types of bounces: Soft bounces, and Hard bounces.

  • Soft Bounces – Soft bounces make up the majority of the errors you will get when sending campaigns. They occur when there is a connection issue with an email address, or some other temporary issue. For example, the destination address may be misconfigured, or the destination mailbox may be full or over quota, meaning that your message simply can’t get through. As these are only temporary issues, we do not mark email addresses as suspended immediately following a soft bounce. If the address triggers three soft bounces in a period of more that 15 days, then they are listed as suspended.
  • Hard Bounces – Hard bounces are for terminal failures. Basically if the domain or address is invalid, and there is no point sending it again, then the address is automatically listed as Suspended.

Once the address has been marked as suspended it will be moved into your suspended subscribers list. You can find the subscribers list from the Collect tab at the top of the page, and then click on Suspended Subscribers.

suspended subscribers list

This will take you to the suspended subscribers control panel. Click on the Email button to see a list of all of the email addresses that are currently on the Suspended Subscribers list.

suspended subscribers control panel

You can now export your suspended list as a CSV file, or remove them all from the list.

export list