What is a list and how do I create one?

This article will explain how to create email marketing lists.

Lists are how you store and manage your subscriber data, and as such, they should be an important part of your organisational structure. Every subscriber you import or who signs up to your mailing list will be stored in lists, making it a good idea to keep them organised using the folder system.

For example, you may wish to create a list for each input method or sign up form you use. Not only will this allow you to find the subscribers you wish to mail, but it will also allow you to see which of your entry levels are most successful.

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Click on the Collect tab at the top of the page, and then select Lists from the drop down menu.

collect tab

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From here, click the Add Folder button.

add folder

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Enter the name of your folder into the text field, and then click the OK button.

name folder

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You can now add a list to your folder by clicking the Add List button.

add list button

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Enter the name for your new list into the text field, and click the OK button. Ensure that the name of your list is as descriptive as possible, allowing you to immediately understand what subscribers your list contains.

name list